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联合分析建模Conjoint analysis is an advanced market research technique that gets under the skin of how people make decisions and what they really value in products and services. Also known as Discrete Choice Estimation, or stated preference research, it involves presenting people with choices and then analysing the drivers for those choices. For an example, check out our interactiveconjoint analysis demonstration或者我们simple conjoint in Excel要查看联合分析的作品如何。

来自Concoint分析的输出是measurements of customer valuecalled utility or part-worths. Utility scores can be combined to build build市场模型和预测to answer questions such as "Which should we do, build in more features, or bring our prices down?" or "Which of these changes will hurt our competitors most?" to allow the business to better optimise product and service design to customer needs.



联合分析旨在找到optimum positioning通过量化权衡和妥协客户在决策中取得低廉的价格和特征,在价格和功能方面的价格和特征之间的低价格和高质量高。

所有客户在产品和服务之间做出选择面临权衡(see our conjoint demonstration)。质量高于价格低于低价和快速交付吗?或者是优质的服务比设计更重要,看起来更重要吗?

For businesses, understanding precisely how customers value different elements of a product or service means product development can be optimised to give the best balance of features or quality for the prices the customer is willing to pay. Across a market as a whole, this can be used to define the best product range for different segments or market needs, balancing features, value and price across a product set in order to maximise customer value and market returns.

An established and powerful means of estimating customer value

随便自20世纪70年代发明以来的开发和改进conjoint analysis已成为产品规划和定价研究的核心工具。万博投注网址通过精确了解人们如何做出决策以及它们在产品和服务中的价值,可以解决甜灯或最佳的特征和服务水平,这些特征和服务可以平衡客户的价值,以防止公司的成本和预测潜在需求或市场份额有竞争力的市场情况。

It is, however, a sophisticated technique and expertise is required to ensure the design and outputs will achieve the business objectives.

Conjoint principles - attributes and levels

The principles behind conjoint analysis start with breaking a product or service down into it's constituent parts (called attributes and levels - see the section onhow to design a conjoint analysis study)然后测试这些部件的组合,以找出客户更喜欢的内容。通过仔细选择统计设计(又称实验设计)适当地设计研究,然后可以使用统计分析来计算产品的价值或公用力评分,以其对其对其的贡献客户的决定。

例如可以以计算机描述计算机attributes如处理器类型,硬盘大小和内存量。每个属性都分解为levels- for instance levels of the attribute for memory size might be 1GB, 2GB, 3GB and 4GB.

From attributes and levels to product profiles and choice tasks

Terms and language used to describe a typical choice task for conjoint analysisThese attributes and levels can be used to define different products by choosing different levels for different products so the first stage in conjoint analysis is to create a set ofproduct profiles(possible combinations of attributes and levels) to produce a set of options from which customers or respondents are then asked to choose - know as choice sets or choice tasks.


Choosing the right type or flavour of conjoint analysis

The precise approach to creating 'choice tasks' depends on thewhich type or flavours of conjoint analysis最appropriate to use. The most common approach is choice-based conjoint (CBC), but other flavours exist. Students often get taught full-profile conjoint using ratings or cards, for more attributes adaptive designs get used, such as adaptive conjoint analysis (ACA), menu-based conjoint, or adaptive choice based conjoint (ACBC). Economists might look at Stated Preference or Discrete Choice Methods.

Conjoint analysis might not be the right option. Other approaches such as MaxDiff, Simalto or hierarchy of needs studies, each have different ways to manage the balance between the number of attributes that can be included and the relative complexity of the choices that need to be shown in order to get good quality data.


A conjoint analysis study relies on appropriate statistical design in order to be able to estimate the utility models. Once all the choice tasks have been completed, analysis involves modelling what drove customers choices or preferences from the product profiles offered.


Market models - forecasting market potential

The statistical output gives a detailed quantified picture of how customers make decisions, and a set of data that can be used to buildmarket models这可以预测新的市场条件中的偏好或估计市场份额,以预测产品或服务变化对市场的影响。对于企业来说,这使他们能够看到他们可以在竞争对手中获得最大的改进,他们可以为客户增加价值,价格如何影响决策和预测需求和收入。并不令人惊讶的联合分析已成为建设和发展中的关键工具1mantbex

By combining these market models with internal project costings, companies can evaluate decisions in terms of Return on Investment (ROI) before going to market. For example determining what resources to put into新产品开发在哪个方面。基于选择的联合或离散选择建模也构成了大量的基础万博投注网址and powerfulneeds-based segmentation

"We were looking for an agency that could understand our solutions and complex customer base in order to transfer this understanding into a comprehensive customer survey.


营销经理,Leica Microsystems

Alternatives to conjoint - from MaxDiff to configurators and e-commerce mock-ups

Conjoint analysis is relatively complex as it requires an understanding of how to use and create attributes and levels, what flavour to use, how to make the product profiles, what choice task to offer and then how to analyse the data and build the market model. It is possible to use off-the-shelf software which will provide guidance and help, but it can be also make it easy to make mistakes or generate poor designs. And conjoint analysis doesn't always fit, particularly if there are many levels, or a deeper more emotional drive to decision making. So, depending on the product or service, it is possible that off-the-shelf approaches aren't always suitable and other methods are needed. Fortunately there are a number of related approaches used as联合分析的替代方案MaxDiff等配置器或Simalto(也known as trade-off grids). MaxDiff is more about measuring the value from a list of items, than generating complete products, but it uses many of the same features and analytics as conjoint. Simalto, like conjoint analysis, breaks products down into attributes and levels, but then presents them as a grid of options to respondents.



To see the mathematical workings we have a fully worked up简单的联合分析在Excel中的实例要展示联合分析如何从设计中估算零件价值或公用事业。

For help and advice on using conjoint analysis for market modelling, or to carry out conjoint analysis research

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