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我们开发online applications and technologies对于客户和其他机构的调查,在线社区,情报集合和知识和洞察管理。我们的技术解决方案范围从数据收集工具如Cxoice测量技术that include fieldwork management and1manbext , to Insight Knowledge Management and curation with our cloud-based公证系统, and data visualization tools like our interactive Spacemap software. We also develop and innovate to solve specific insight problems such asnew ways to ask questions or to understand customer decisions

Online survey tools - Cxoice Survey Technologies

Cxoice测量技术我们自己的Cxoice测量技术(pronounced 'choice') are the basis of of our survey and insight reporting software. Developed specifically to solve real-world client research and insight problems, in addition to the regular survey questions, it incorporates a range of bespoke and innovative features for more effective survey design, reporting and knowledge management includingnon-linear questionnaire designs, game-based tasks, social questionning, advanced trade-off options and methods1manbext

Cxoice超出了标准的传统调查软件,重新定义了问卷如何回答,以重点放在让受访者选择他们想要回答的内容以及他们想要评价的内容。然后,我们可以看出对被告的真正重要的是,不仅仅是我们强迫他们回答的东西。Our Rethinking Questionnaire demonstrations在行动中显示这一点。



Cxoice测量技术也给予全套分析和数据演示。From basic data tabulations to full live-data cloud-based presentations, with options for automated summaries to streamline report creation and distribution, taking data automation and presention beyond dashboards or Powerpoint slide stacks (though it can also generate Powerpoint automatically).

Cxoice Presentation功能使得可以轻松为不同的受众生成自定义视图,以便自动包含横幅和子组分析,包括在实时数据上的重要性测试,使得追踪图像库和其他非文本问题的评级更容易。

For remote-working situations, charts can be incorporated back into interactive reports with options for voting for action, or to verify comprehension as part of post-survey training sharing data, insight and implementation decisions.


对于先进的市场研究,CXO万博官网manbet登录ICE包含一个1manbext designerand can be used for sophisticated trade-off research such as BPTO, build-your-own configurators, price shuffles, constrained menu options, and deep conjoints that incorporate description noise with respondent controlled on-screen filtering and sorting and pop-up clarification questions to explore how choices are made.


Our Cxoice Computer-Aided Telephone Interviewing (CATI) is designed for teams working together or remotely, and is available project-by-project, avoiding large software feed. Simply upload a sample contact list, add the interviewers who are going to take part, add a link to your survey (or use Cxoice's own survey tools) and get started with calls.

作为基于网络的CXOICE CATI解决方案非常适合在家或远程工作的团队。在通过控制块分配和面试官优先级的块中,该样本在面试官中自动分享。面试官可以看到可用的谁,呼叫历史和上来的约会和回调适应不同的时区。

For project managers, quotas can be used to focus call activity and fieldwork monitoring tools show call activity, response rates, refusal rates and available sample. When combined with a Cxoice Survey live frequency counts, visibility of online and feedback comments and full data export capabalities, plus automatic tab and chart generation for researchers want the whole solution.



Designed for the web and cloud-based working

cxoice!已经使用Web标准建立了在互敏感设计的跨平台上工作,以便在台式机,平板电脑和手机上工作。数据和问题可以直接使用Live Survey Monitor进行分析,或导出分析。Cxoice Survey Technologies包括管理和监控工具,Log-Ins和基于权限的访问,并且可以与我们的Notanant知识管理套件相结合,以便于客户区,文件共享和调查项目管理。

我们的调查工具的曲目记录延伸到原件Questionnaire Wizard)为了帮助简化问卷设计,该版本由SPSS许可。

数据分析和可视化 - Spacemaps




我们的旗舰网站应用程序是可用于管理任何形式的网站,包括商店和交易。它还可以用于快速原型工作,以测试功能和功能。它还可以与我们的调查软件和实验设计理论相结合,以测试一系列网站风格和功能 - 例如,使用一套精心设计的着陆页进行调查。

在线communities and web-sites

Web-site development and e-commerce need to be in place as another arm of your channels of distribution. The most effective web-sites are those that provide customers with a space to communicate and share information among themselves and with your employees.

这些在线社区can be an extension of your market research, loyalty programmes or customer feedback programmes, or they can just be autonomous in their own right. For specific campaigns, or for aspects such as building a collection of customers for research (eg MROCs), it can be extremely useful to have a pre-built system to capture and engage with customers. Building this rapidly and keeping control of the lists and comments generated can help in areas such as event-based marketing or specific local campaigns.

We have in-house skills in major web-technologies and can help you build your own on-line community, or create bespoke surveys or design online behavioural experiments using our own bespoke conjoint analysis, trade-off design and experimental design tools.

For help and advice on Cxoice Survey Technologies for projects or to get access to the full suite of insight generation tools


Cxoice测量技术are our suite of unique research, conjoint, reporting and knowledge management software that we have developed over 20 years of market research, insight and intelligence projects.

Cxoice Technologies are web and cloud-based insight applications that deliver a complete insight toolset, and are designed to make carrying out market research and market intelligence more efficient and effective. Cxoice is much more than just another survey software, and includes WATI and CATI survey management, automated reporting, permission-based project documentation and management tools, insight knowledge management, right up to fully bespoke custom designed for advanced techniques likeconjoint analysis,Cxoice提供了更好的洞察力交付的工具,而不仅仅是收集。

Insight Technologies resources


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