品牌equity and brand value

了解品牌股权和品牌价值在市场上品牌can have a large effect on the price that customers will pay due to reputation, image and consideration. Brands therefore add value and enable the product or service to command a higher price, or higher market share than an unbranded equivalent.

期限品牌equityis used to describe both the value of the brand and the brand's component values. It's value may be calculated in financial terms in comparison to unbranded products, shown as an increase in a rate of return, or presented as a more complex mix of softer market metrics such as awareness, consideration, brand strength or brand image.

品牌价格Trade-Offs (BPTO) to show brand equity

To illustrate Brand Equity, a Brand-Price-Trade-Off exercise (see example below) is a万博官网manbet登录approach to calculate relative willingness-to-pay for brands. Several brands or products in a category are shown at once and the customer chooses their preferred option. Prices are then adjusted and the customer chooses again from the same list, but with different prices.



BPTO最适用于消费者型市场,其中品牌是一个强大的决定因素,具有很少的特征级别差异 - 基本上产品互相替代。对于服务,工业和技术型产品可以在需要的品牌和更复杂的技术之间有特色,如全新联合分析。

BPTO interactive example



品牌 价格 Choose...



品牌versus functional value


为了确定产品的功能部件的价值,例如高级发动机,或更好的燃料经济指挥,未达成的研究。1manbext is the most powerful and effective tool for understanding how functions drive value.


For product development and pricing purposes, this allows managers to determine whether resources should be focused on strengthening the brand and perceived value, or on strengthening the underlying product offer.

Researched value versus accountant's value

Some companies measure brand equity on pure financial measures of brand performance. Because strong brands have extra value to customers, the brands themselves are able to command a higher price in the market, not just to end users, but also through the distribution channel in the form of reduced margins compared to other similar products.

An alternative to making a research-based evaluation of brand equity is therefore to look at the full financial benefit or value-add from the brand in comparison to equivalent products. This can be carried out either in terms of gross margin, or in wider measures such as EVA (economic value added). Good brands should be more effective at bringing long term profits and returns and this will be reflected in a stronger balance sheet with a higher level of profitability for a given cost of sales.



作为价值的品牌股权是通过与客户的思想中的产品创建积极的协会来实现的。因此,在无形的意义和价值中创造了财政福利 - 例如,对于一些品牌的一部分,他们的类别的一部分是排他性,有些具有价值,其他有服务。


同样,了解品牌的价值观,and adapting these to changing market conditions, allows the brand to grow, and possibly to stretch into new markets. Advertising soap powder as being the best white for Sunday best, is much less relevant now. Now the message might be 'wash your clothes every day' with an encouragement to play and get dirty - a complete change in positioning requiring adjustments in brand values.



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