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Cxoice! - market research survey technologies

Cxoice Software (pronounced 'choice')'s market research technology platform and survey software system. Designed over more than a decade spent thinking differently about how we ask questions and involve people in providing research answers, Cxoice Survey Technologies redefine how you should use and think of a market research questionnaire, how you ask questions and how insights can be presented, reported and shared.


Cxoice Survey Technologies对于日常调查,Cxoice使用磨坊问题类型(单个,多个,数量,网格/矩阵,文本,滑块等)提供直接的标准问卷调查问卷,但是具有完全“肤色”的额外优势以匹配公司风格并将数据作为“数据流”作为“数据流”,包括响应顺序和时序。Cxoice还集成了与调查面板,并能够使用基于电子邮件的调查和提醒管理的ID的访问控制。


For international survey research, Cxoice Survey Technologies are fully multi-lingual and respondents can either be linked via a specific language, or select their preferred language on the fly - languages are integrated so one questionnaire serves all the languages ensuring all filters and survey logic work are the same across languages (single source definition), reducing testing and development.

Advanced and bespoke survey formats

Where Cxoice stands outis when more sophisticated questionnaires are needed, and provides1manbext ,非线性设计,不同类型的权衡等等Brand-price Trade Off (BPTO), price shuffles, or newer question types such as Hot-Cold selectors, or click-to-rank questions, or menu-based surveys where we avoid the challenge of trying to get an answer for everything. Cxoice integrates with external data sources, and online panels. It can be used as a direct overlay onto websites and e-commerce systems to get feedback on customers' online journeys without deep coding.

Web, telephone, CATI, WATI and TAWI

For telephone research with interviewers, Cxoice has a full interview appointment and sample manager suitable for co-ordinated interviewing among a team of interviews working locally, or remotely, allowing a full on-line distributed team to use the same survey with full management oversight and quota control.

Cxoice can be run in a 'follow-me' mode for use astelephone-assisted web interviewing (TAWI) or conversely web-assisted telephone interviewing (WATI)where an interviewer and respondent talk by phone while completing a survey. This allows professional interviewers to reach the right person, reassure and get under the skin of the respondent's answers, while controlling individualised prompt material (eg price tests, conjoint choice tasks, or pictorial based options) to help the respondent complete a complex task.






  • Research standards
    • 标准市场研究问题类万博官网manbet登录型(单,多等)
    • Full responsive design (for use with mobile phones etc)
    • Javascript question-types (sliders, type-ahead, drag-and-drop)
  • Professional survey tools
    • Fully customisable to corporate style via skinnable look
    • 随机列表,问题和部分
    • Dynamic text substitution and integration with existing databases
    • Fully programmable filters, routing and in-survey calculation
    • Advanced and bespoke question types including video, images and audio
    • 全响应录音(即使有人改变主意,原件是保留的)
    • Background data-stream capture includes response order and timing
  • 先进的方法和创新调查问题和方法
    • Conjoint design (including orthogonal designer) for choice, rating, ranking tasks
    • Full BPTO and dynamic pricing-testing modules in multiple currencies
    • Menu-driven structures with sections allowing respondent-driven question order (non-linear questionnaires)
    • 用于组合电话网络访谈(Wati)的共享视图/完整的选项
    • Active questions with timers and movement
    • Socialised questionnaires with commenting
    • Website overlays and integration into live customer journeys
    • Fully capable e-commerce mock-up for research
  • Integration with external data sources
    • 与调查面板或公司数据集成
    • Integral database data upload to bring known data into the survey
    • 全ID检查系统进行样品控件
    • Exportable data to multiple formats
  • 管理和报告整合
    • 管理员模块与生活状态和生活line results
    • Quota checks and management
    • 完整的CATI预约经理,用于采访样本和配额控制的团队
    • Fully translateable with multi-language support
  • Advanced reporting, presentation and results dissemination capabilities
    • Live-data dashboards with dynamic filters for different access groups
    • Live-data full presentations including audio commentary capabilities
    • Tables and data tabulations
    • 自动生成PowerPoint或Excel输出
    • 关于投票,数据共享和期望测试反馈的反馈


Cxoice is used and has been used in a wide variety of settings from advanced conjoint designs to advertising testing and items like product and service design where customers see and choose from potentially hundreds of options. This is ademonstration of a non-linear questionnaire on SurveyGarden为了客户满意度研究。

We are running a series of discussions onRethinking Questionnaires, looking at how technologies like those used in Cxoice can transform the way questionnaires are used in research.

For help and advice on advanced market research on-line or off-line

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