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Desk research

X26_1_pen3006462_19201.jpgDesk research is the name given to using public information sources to find information on potential customers, competitors and intermediaries in markets. With the Internet, vast seas of information have opened up electronically making desk research an accessible tool to gather万博手机版,特别是在数据快速超出日期的动态市场中。


Desk research is the name given to finding published information which can include company financial details, analysts reports, market statistics or comments and information about the issues in a marketplace including patents, news and business relationships.


Desk research can be a very challenging. Hours can be spent looking for some information or data that simply doesn't exist. On the other hand, a skilled researcher might find exactly what is required within 5 minutes. Because time is central to costs, we always attempt a范围锻炼评估信息在一开始就如何轻松或困难。如果你想做自己的尝试我们guide to desk research


One of the challenges for professional researchers is that the ease of availability of information on the Internet means that anyone can carry out their own research and finding information on the web doesn't appear to be a difficult task - there are after all plenty of search engines to use.


What seems a simple exercise, such as doing a market analysis of your competitors can involve days of work with little to show for it, if you don't know what you are looking for or where to look.

任何桌面研究的核心正在使用良好的来源清单。已经是来源列表on this site that we find useful as a starting point. But for most studies, search engines are the primary route to finding information. It's important to realise there is a skill to using a search engine. Many links will typically take you to a dead end. What you want is something that will lead somewhere - a link to other appropriate sources - and links have to be cross-checked for veracity.



The quality of source material

支持所有市场情报集合是需要了解源材万博手机版料的质量。不同的来源以不同的方式获取信息,因此有必要协调不同的信息并判断哪些是信息的最佳来源。使用已发布的报告时需要注意(some tips here)作为一些掩码的信息来源,或者将数据收集的方式,或将假设作为福音真理报告,或缺乏合理的基础。

Because different sources obtain their information in different ways it is important not to rely on a single piece of information if you can avoid it so also look for corroborating evidence unless the source is absolutely unimpeachable (such as government statistics).


在购买报告之前,最佳信息来源将提供有关方法的详细说明,以便您可以在获得数据之前查看质量。或者,查看自己的数据使用万博官网manbet登录, or through on-going exercises to collect primary data (data direct from the source, rather than through intermediary analysts) such as those used for competitive intelligence.


On the other hand, data such as blogs or news reports may providing interesting, but unverifiable data. Where something does appear in print, a good check is to try to find a second reference or look at the quality of other data that source has produced. Cross-referencing and triangulating help confirm what is likely to be true and what is more likely to be a guess, or piece of sales puff.

Getting the right information

The golden rule for successful Market Intelligence desk research is to know what you are looking for and the question you are trying to answer. There is lots of information out there that will be interesting, but unless the information is important in answering your question, it will sidetrack you and slow you down.


For a market study core information includes the number of people/companies in the market, the names of the key suppliers (and market shares if possible), the size of the market in terms of value and units, information about key buyers or key buyer groups, current routes to market and pre-existing market segments and the market power of competitors. From this you would want to start to be able to estimate the spend per customer and how this would compare with your cost of sale.


并不是所有的信息都是可用的。它可能是necessary to use surrogate information or to think more laterally about what data might be available or might be correlated with the information you need. For instance, the number of employees a company has is often related to financial size and so might give indications of current sales. Alternatively where direct information is not available, such as say the number of yachts being chartered for holidays, then a lateral approach might be to look at the number of insurance policies sold for chartering.

最终结果应该是提供正确数据的报告 - 例如市场大小的估计 - 但也显示了如何以及何地获得所获得的数据。在业务规划中,很常见的是一套基本的市场估计,以表明风险投资者的可行性,投资者看起来不仅仅是数据,还要如何获得数据来判断计划的潜力。


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