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分析Web流量“title=Website analysis is now a specialist task, with increasing levels of statistical and algorithmic sophistication for tracing, tracking and modelling customer journeys often using dedicated external providers. With web-apps large amounts of data can be gathered, although consent and understanding GDPR or other privacy regimes is essential.

在发展中市场情报系统,是我万博手机版mportant to understand where and how the data is collected and what can be done with it and how to integrate website analysis into other market information data to develop market experiments and evaluate marketing effectiveness.

Web-traffic basics - visitor logs

Each web-site is held (hosted) on a computer called a web-server that responds to the requests for pages from the visitors to the website. The web-server is normally in a data centre and may be part of a larger cluster of servers, or part of a giant cloud-based computing service such as AWS or Azure.

As each visitor moves around a website, the web-server records who asked for what and when in a logfile - not just the html page itself, but also requests for images, scripts and other content that makes up the page.以下是日志文件中一些内容类型的示例。


The remaining lines are the graphics images supporting the page. In total the logfile shows this took 10 seconds for them to download. And if, they had gone to another page the log-file would have been able to see how long they spent on this particular page before they switched somewhere else. Consequently, just with a log file, the business can see who visited, when and what they looked for and for how long.

You can translate the IP address to a named organisation via the成熟欧洲电脑数据库,ARINin the US orAPNIC.对于亚太地区(如果您无法在其中一个网站上找到它,请尝试另一个)或通过分组的服务或者。IP是指一家名为全球的公司。


The IP address can be combined with other information services to obtain an approximately location of the user. Combined with usage data, this may be sufficient to identify an individual, and is then considered personal information subject to privacy laws a need for consent to collect in Europe. - - [06/Sep/2000:20:24:03 +0100] "GET /segmentation.htm HTTP/1.0" 200 7557 "" "Mozilla/4.7 [en] (Win95; I)" - - [06 / SEP / 2000:20:24:05 +0100]“get / _themes/water/wate1011.css http / 1.0”200 14026“ - ”“Mozilla / 4.7 [en](Win95; I)“ - - [06 / SEP / 2000:20:24:12 +0100]“get / compass3.gif http / 1.0”200 10401“/segmentation.htm”“Mozilla / 4.7 [en](Win95; i)“ - - [06/Sep/2000:20:24:12 +0100] "GET /_borders/_derived/left.htm_txt_Water_side.gif HTTP/1.0" 200 10874 "/segmentation.htm" "Mozilla/4.7 [en] (Win95; I)" - - [06 / SEP / 2000:20:24:12 +0100]“get /logo.gif http / 1.0”200 1387“/ segonation.htm”“Mozilla / 4.7 [en](Win95; i)“ - - [06/Sep/2000:20:24:13 +0100] "GET /images/Water_rule.gif HTTP/1.0" 200 1747 "/segmentation.htm" "Mozilla/4.7 [en] (Win95; I)"

Cookies and trackers


第三方cookie服务允许在网站上跟踪。这些形式的跟踪可用于再营销,其中游客使用亚马逊等服务随后导致其他网站上的广告。Facebook Cookie可用于跟踪包含“喜欢”链接的网站的Facebook用户。类似地,Google Analytics有可能跨网站跟踪。同样,一系列广告支持公司和第三方提供了一系列跟踪服务,具有支持分析,用于测量现场内容的性能和有效性。





分析网站开始智慧的基本形式h the simple, how many people visited each page. We then look in more detail - where did they land? So which page did they get to first? And what were the referring sites or links that brought the visitor to the page - was it advertising, a particular keyword, social network links or another type of connection.

We can then follow their journey through the site - where did visitor go next? For specialist landing pages where the page is deliberately focused on channelling traffic to a purchase or a sign up, we would follow up the conversion process for each step in the process. How many customers made it all the way through? And where were visitors lost? Playing with different forms of landing page or process can greatly increase the end conversion rate.

The customer journey then has several metrics - number of pages looked at (or if just the first page, the bounce rate - how many people left after the first page?) - the time spent on site and, where customers come back, the return rate. For each type of referral it is possible then to look at the points in the journey with a view to improving the experience or better channelling behaviour towards a sale or sign-up activity (not that everyone wants to do this - we deliberately do not track on this site).

Similarly useful data like the type of browser used (eg mobile or web-based), country and possibly location from IP address. If you run a targeted campaign in Denver, then you would hope to have more hits from Denver during the campaign for instance.

The landing and visitor rate can also be tracked over time and day for changes in volume. These changes may be driven by factors off the website including changes to competitor sites, or changes to search engine algorithms and so help show which pages need to be reviewed and updated.

For those selling B2B with lead generation activities, one measurement is the ability to track IP address against company. Many larger companies run their own servers and so visitors from those companies can be found in the records. This isn't foolproof as small businesses and consumers usually connect via an ISP and so cannot be identified.

使用网站上的Google Analytics和Facebook链接,您还可以获得有关您的访问者也访问的网站的信息以及有关访客人口统计背景的更多信息。然后,这些使内容能够调整到不同的受众。

To improve website conversions and impact, A/B testing is a common approach. For instance, does landing page A produce more conversions than landing page B. A/B testing can be applied throughout the customer journey but requires technical set up so as to serve the right page to the right customer and to track the delivery or experiment (particularly if you use a richer experimental design). Incremental changes to pages can then increase overall effectiveness of the website and conversion.

The richness of app-based data and the volume of information obtainable makes hand-based analysis techniques redundant. Increasing high volume web-based data has to be handled automatically, often using machine learning or artificial intelligence using data science tools.


Web Analytics是一个专业领域,但是,它确实需要建立在广泛的市场情报计划中,为市场实验和衡量营销效果的整体画面。万博手机版

有关在混合营销框架中使用Web Analytics的帮助和建议,请联系

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